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Sliding & Stacking

Sliding Stacker Doors

The Stacker doors is a popular choice when optimising space. The Stacker door allows you to have two or more doors slide behind a third fixed door, creating a large open space. Sliding doors are commonly used to connect your home to the outdoors, allowing natural light into your living space. Both Sliding and Stacker doors can be on bottom rollers or top hung. Both the Sliding and Stacker doors are ideal for a wide range of glazing options, including Double Glazing for energy efficiency.

ProGlide Sliding Doors

ProGlide® is an update of the Commercial Sliding Door featuring new sill sections for both Double and Triple Track and a number of new sash options that allow for thicker glass, double glazing and an on site glazing option.

The major changes include new sill sections with drop in tracks which can easily be replaced if damaged or worn and their unique design covers the unsightly drainage slots in the sills with the added benefit of increased water performance. All existing hollow sills continue to be available for applications where a sub sill is not used.

Gutter sills in both double and triple track versions are now available for flush sill applications and these incorporate an aluminium, or stainless steel grate to drain surface water.

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