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Security Screens

Invisi-Gard is Australia’s premier security screen brand because it’s made from the toughest material in its class and features unique patented product architecture. The combination of these two vital features provides the maximum protection for your family and your home.

At the heart of every Invisi-Gard security screen and security door is our high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. The grade 316 mesh used in Invisi-Gard sets the world standard in terms of its quality, precision and longevity.

This class leading mesh is retained in an aluminium frame using our patented EGP (Extreme Grip Protection) retention system. This unique design ensures maximum strength and durability through an assembly technique that avoids contact between the two dissimilar metals – a major cause of corrosion over time.

Invisi-Gard is designed first and foremost to protect your family and home from would-be intruders and performs this task better than any other product on the market. It also protects your home from flying insects and maintains your view.

Invisi-Gard security doors and screens are without question the best investment for your family’s safety. They are also the best investment for the look and value of your home.

Retractable Fly Screens

ZEPHYR retractable screens are the leading insect screen solution for almost any style of door whether it is sliding doors, casement opening hinged door, single door, double door, bi fold doors or French doors.  They are well suitable for larger openings onto alfresco areas and patios.

ZEPHYR retractable screens are custom made to fit most standard and oversized applications and are the best and most cost effective retractable insect screens on the market. We manufacture all our retractable screens in our facility in Melbourne.

ZEPHYR Retractable Screens have redesigned the concept of the retractable fly screens making them safer, more functional, more versatile, and more visually pleasing. Retractable fly screens are so unobtrusive in their design that they can be mounted either externally or internally to best suit your home.  ZEPHYR retractable screen systems are designed to be mounted on the surface or in the recess area of any door or window allowing it to fit almost any situation.

Retractable fly screens are a great solution for tight doorways where there is not enough room for a swinging screen door; double opening French doors; single casement doors; and sliding doors.

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