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Finadri Windows has built up a very professional and dedicated team of key personnel who have demonstrated their loyalty and competence over many years of service the technical skills and team effort that these staff have collectively exhibited over many projects is largely responsible for the reason Finadri Windows is Melbourne’s Number 1 Modern aluminium window specialist today. This core group of dedicated professionals will ensure that a high level of service is being provided by Finadri Windows throughout each project they undertake
Finadri Windows offers architectural window products for the commercial construction industry and architecturally designed homes.

Finadri Windows comprehensive products include framing system windows, composite cladding and curtain wall systems from thermal efficiency and sustainability to acoustics. Our products are able to be manufactured to optimize both ethics and performance.

Architectural windows and doors are a huge part of our business, and we are dedicated to providing the best of our use of windows and door materials offer you a low maintenance, long lasting, corrosion resistant materials that does not compromise the beauty of your design. By using commercial grade materials, fixtures and fittings, we offer an alternative to those customers for whom quality, workmanship and distinctive good looks are all important features.

With a wide range of commercial quality aluminium windows and doors available, Finadri Windows can fulfil all your requirements in a variety of building situations. Not only do we provide high quality, easy to operate windows and doors, but we also can offer incredibly large sizes that meet energy efficiency needs.

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