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Louvre Windows

Finadri Windows is a proud supplier of Breezway® Altair® Louvre Windows.

Breezway Louvre Windows offer a number of advantages over other window types. They are the energy efficient window option for bringing natural light and fresh air into sustainable building designs. With no fixed panes and blades that open almost horizontally, Breezway Louvres open twice as wide as regular windows to maximise ventilation and are available in aluminium or timber frames. They can be left open in gentle rain and the amount of airflow through the window can be precisely controlled, and when open do not project far beyond the surrounding wall so do not impede paths of travel.

Features include:

  • Open twice as wide as other window types to provide natural light and ventilation.
  • Manufactured from non-corrosive materials for years of trouble-free operation.
  • Cyclone rated for wind and water to ensure superior performance.
  • Tight sealing due to patented ‘living hinge’ and drainage channel design.
  • WERS energy rated to suit various climates.
  • Improved security available with optional keylock, security bar or screens.
  • Award winning Altair Powerlouvre™ Window available with concealed motors.
  • Apptivate® Control Unit allows Powerlouvre Windows to be controlled by a touch sensitive wall switch, remote control via the Powerlouvre App or automatic response to temperature and timer events.
  • Stronghold® System provides added strength and safety to comply with Fall Prevention requirements.
  • Tested in accordance with AS2047 ‘Windows in Buildings’.
  • Warranted up to 10 years.

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